How much of my child’s speech should we understand?

Most parents are aware that speech should not necessarily be perfect in the younger ages. Maybe you understand everything that your child says, but grandparents, teachers, aunts, and friends have a more difficult time. First, it is important to know that it is common for familiar communication partners (e.g. parents or siblings) to understand children better than less familiar people. However, have you ever wondered just how much of your child’s speech others should be able to understand?

chart with percent of speech understood by others by age

An easy way to remember is 2/4 utterances should be understood by age two, 3/4 utterances by age three, and 4/4 utterances by age four.

Is your child two years old, but not yet speaking in short utterances that others can understand? Do you have a child that is four years old and is still difficult to understand some of the time? It might be a good idea to seek an evaluation for your child. Early intervention is always better! Visit our website to learn more about the signs and symptoms of speech and language delays or possible impairments and theĀ pediatric services we offer.

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